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The AwesomenessTV Network is a community for those who are passionate about creating a successful YouTube channel. We are here to help you grow your channel's audience, make better videos, and connect with other talented creators. Join the ATV Network today to become part of the (r)evolution‚Äč!
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We are the launchpad to your success. Our team will help you become successful on YouTube by providing exclusive tools and growth opportunities. We offer partner management services, in-network promotion, access to a community with thousands of channels worldwide, and so much more!

Meg DeAngelis, also known as MayBaby, joined AwesomenessTV with 200,000 subscribers under her belt. Just seven months later, after hosting the AwesomenessTV show Makeup Mythbusters and starring in the smash-hit series "Royal Crush," she has over 2.6MM subscribers! The sky is the limit when you join the ATV Network!

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The ATV Network offers unparalleled opportunities to skyrocket your channel's growth with competitive brand opportunities and a top-notch programming slate.

After joining the ATV Network in 2014, Jeffrey Fever appeared onstage in front of 5,000 fans at the AwesomenessTV VidCon Concert and in the first-ever Network Townhall alongside YouTube heavyweights like Teala Dunn. This could be YOU next year!

Be a Star

Unleash your star power! Our networkers are first in line to be featured on the AwesomenessTV channel and get access to exclusive events and offers. We provide the platform to help creators like you find your voice and unleash your power to create sheer awesomeness.

Since 2013, the ATV Network has helped Lia Marie Johnson achieve her dream of becoming an actress and singer. Lia starred in the hit movie "Expelled," "Terry The Tomboy: The Movie," "Side Effects," "Life's S.o. R.a.d." and the sketch comedy TV series "AwesomenessTV" on Nickelodeon. Her debut single, "Moment Like You," is featured in the movie "Expelled" and her channel now has over 1.6M subscribers!